What Our Customers Have to Say

Christine Templeton Boone

"Christina Lazar and her staff ushered my behind grade level 3rd grader into a all A's honor student throughout middle school. They gave her the confidence and belief in herself to succeed. As my daughter said once, "Lazar instilled in me the love of learning" and that's really all a parent could ask for. I can't say enough good things about them."

Pam Gearhart

"My daughter has been tutored by Lazar from 2nd grade thru 12th grade. It was a wonderful experience for her. They were so accommodating to all her learning needs. She received so much one on one attention that you rarely receive anywhere else. I can't begin to express how grateful I am to them for truly taking an individualized interest in her and her learning needs. They really do go the extra mile."

MaryAnn Jacobsen Scola

"My son spent this past summer tutoring a couple days a week with The Lazar Center and had an amazing experience. After struggling in Math for the past few years, he jumped up 10% from his spring Map scores to his current fall scores!!! Not only is this Center great at building upon the knowledge kids need to succeed, they also build confidence in their students to keep them motivated and moving forward. Absolutely LOVE the Lazar Center!!!! Thank you teachers!"

Monica Roush

"For me, it's all about results and I've been very impressed by Christina. She has an amazing system and team in place. I never feel like our time is not used to fullest. The environment is cherry and bright and the teachers are so sweet. My daughter really loves to go. They not only tutor in subjects but teach organization and tactics to tackle projects and tests. Christina has also happily adjusted our schedule on numerous occasions to accommodate anything and everything that seems to come up. Thank you!"

Sandy Fuller Ubriaco

"There aren't enough words that express how much the Lazar Centre has helped our 11 year old. Thank you thank you thank you!!"

Kim Baskin Pridgeon

"Mrs. Lazar and her staff helped my daughter improve her self confidence in her studies but also just in life itself. I am ever so grateful!!"

Jack Funck

"Great place for tutoring! Christina helped me through high school and get into college. She also stayed by my side even though my toughest times through school. I have had many tutors through out life, but none of them compare to what Christina and the Lazar center has done."

Angie Patterson

"Great teachers that care a great deal and want to see kids be successful!!!"

Jennifer Potter Styczen

By the time I found the Lazar Center we had moved 3 times and my son had been in many different schools. He was struggling in school and his self-esteem was low. Christina and her team have been there helping us every step of the way. The results are amazing. My son, who is now in middle school, is doing great. Just told me he loves school. The best part, he just completed a time capsule assignment. His 3 answers to 3 questions says it all:

1) What do you like most about yourself? I'm unique.

2) What do you like least about yourself? Nothing.

3) What are your goals for this year? To make the A honor roll.

That would not have happened with Christina's team.

Shawna Giacomini

"Christina Lazar and the teachers at The Lazar Center are top notch. I've tried Kumon and every other type of tutoring for my kids and they just don't compare. Christina has a true interest in my kids and understands their individual dynamic at their school and even with in our family. I love how she just plain gets us and from reading all the other reviews it looks as though she does the same for them as well."