Our daughter Lauren, then 12 and diagnosed with ADD was struggling tremendously through the first portion of 7th grade. Lauren was bringing home low scores in testing and homework. She was not using any real study or organizational skills. She was having a hard time keeping up with her class both academically and emotionally. My husband Brian and I kept thinking this was a phase and it would go away with our guidance, but it didn’t.

Our close friends, The Taylors, told us about Christina’s work with their daughter Carson. They told us what great improvements Carson had made with the Lazar Center’s help. We decided to go for it. It took some schedule changes and re-evaluating to make it work, but we started taking Lauren to see Christina and her team twice a week.

In less than 3 months we began to see big improvements all the way around. Lauren would come home excited to show us her work. She was so proud of herself and we were proud of her too. She was getting the positive attention she had needed and Lauren’s grades excelled and she was moved to Honors classes in her 2nd semester of 8th grade. She has yet to complain about giving up two afternoons a week to study more. She enjoys the work and most especially the relationships she has made with the staff at the Lazar Center.Christina and her team have invested time and hard work in Lauren to ensure her success. Lauren has found something special in the connections she has made with the staff which is immeasurable.

Lauren, now 14, recently graduated from middle school with all A’s and B’s and much improved EOG scores. Lauren now knows what a smart young lady she is through the leadership of the Lazar Center. What a difference the boost in confidence has made! Thank you to the Lazar Center for believing in Lauren, it means the world to us!

Much love,

The Sulli Family