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5126 Park Rd. Suite 2D
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5126 Park Rd. Suite 2D
Charlotte NC, 28209

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Tutoring & Test Prep in Charlotte, NC

Our professional educators are here to help your child build confidence and knowledge. Each session:


Your child works with the same tutor who provides individualized instruction based on their needs.


Your child's homework is completed and checked for accuracy.


We review and reteach daily classwork and/or learning objectives.


You are informed of progress, homework, and upcoming assessments from your child's tutor.

Tutoring & Test Prep in Charlotte, NC

Our Charlotte Team

Christina Lazar


Christina Lazar is an honor graduate from the College of Education at the University of North Carolina. Originally from Upstate NY, she was a mentor, teacher, coach and advocate of children for over 20 years. With the support of her former school, parents of students, and colleagues, she opened The Lazar Center of Charlotte in 2007. Since then she has supported hundreds of students, as they grow equally in  confidence and academic achievement. Her favorite thing about her work is finding that unique key that allows her team to unlock each students’ potential.

Johnakin Martin


Johnakin is the Center Director of The Lazar Center in Charlotte, South Carolina. She is engaged in student sessions every day as she supports, leads and plans for the tutors. She has a Masters in Math Education and resides in Rock Hill, SC. After years of working with students focusing on math, science and executive functioning skills, her favorite moments are when students let out an audible “Ohhh!” when they master a new skill, or solve a difficult problem. She has an outgoing and favorable personality which students of all ages gravitate toward.

Melinda Graham


Melinda Graham is a University of South Florida graduate with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education, and she also holds a Bachelor of Music from Converse College. She is thrilled to work with the Lazar Center team following her retirement from the classroom. With over twenty years of teaching experience in multiple grade levels, Melinda is dedicated to enthusiastic and dynamic teaching. Beyond helping students to build their knowledge, skills, and abilities, she aims to nurture their joy of learning. When it’s time to relax, Melinda loves to bake for her family, tend her garden, and take energetic walks with her pup, Tully.

Jonathan Duncan


Jonathan is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy. Jonathan is a self-proclaimed lifelong learner. His favorite subjects to tutor is mathematics and science. His favorite thing about teaching is when he sees his students foster their own passions through meaningful conversations that investigate concepts at an intuitive level. Whenever possible, Jonathan takes time to enjoy nature by going on road trips, camping, reading, writing creatively, and playing chess.

Jordan Douglas


Jordan graduated from the State University of New York at Potsdam.  She is currently pursuing a Masters degree at Eastern Carolina University for Reading and English as a Second Language. Jordan orginally lived in Port Saint Lucie in South Florida, where she taught six grade for three years before moving to Charlotte, North Carolina. She is currently in her sixth year of teaching the 4th grade at Greenway Park Elementary School. Her favorite part about teaching and tutoring is motivating students and watching their love for learning grow.

Mikayla Legrande


Mikayla is a graduate of High Point University with a Bachelors of Science in Actuarial Science and a Minor in Mathematics. She’s currently pursuing her Masters in Actuarial Science at Lock Haven University. She has four younger siblings and experience tutoring in all grade levels. Her favorite part of tutoring is seeing how proud sttudents can become of themselves when they figure out a problem on their own and then are able to explain exactly what they did. She looks forward to focusing on math, science and study/organizational skills with Lazar Center students this year!

Emily Reese


Emily recently graduated from Central Peidmont Community College and she is now pursuing a Bachelors in Mathematics at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte with the goal of becoming a high school Mathematics teacher. Emily loves seeing students have that “Aha” moment!  She enjoys watching them grow more and more confident in their skills and learnings. Emily has a knack for the Spanish and English language and grammar as well.  She’s well liked by all her students for her outgoing personaility and great sense of humor.

Noah Baker


Noah is an Honors graduate from UNC Wilmington with a physics major & math minor. With a passion for education and the goal of becoming a college professor, Noah truly loves the world of tutoring. His love for teaching has extended even further. He embraces the idea that anyone can learn anything if they really want—whether it’s learning how to solve Rubik’s cube, self-teaching guitar, or strengthening skills for school; someone puts their mind to it, can learn. Tutoring is Noah’s favorite way to reach students and encourage them to learn their subjects and life skills in general. 

Elizabeth Wilson


Elizabeth is a graduate of the University of North Carolina and holds a degree in both Astrophysics and Mathematics. She has lived in Charlotte her whole life, moving back after graduation in 2021. She specializes in math and physics, but her favorite thing about teaching is seeing her students’ growth over time, especially when it comes to understanding concepts they previously deemed impossible to understand. Whenever she can, Elizabeth loves to visit the beach with her friends and family, and is known to enjoy a good game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Caitlin Morris

Admin Assistant

Caitlin is a local artist and former wealth management executive, holding a BA from Portland State University. Prior to a successful financial career, she managed non-profit programs with a focus on youth mentorship. Her art can be found in museums and galleries nationwide. Although much of her time is spent creating colorful works of art, Caitlin enjoys doing volunteer work and being outdoors with her dog.

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