I remember clearly, how 2 years ago I would come home from work and Carson and I would begin doing her homework together. During this time, I would get so frustrated with her, and she with me. By the time we finished; we would both be crying. Her confidence in sports was always unbelievable. And, because of the help from you and your staff, her academic confidence has finally excelled. I know that it is because of the personal time that you have put in by working with her, by going to the school and by writing many letters on her behalf. This has meant so much to me and my family.

You gave me the best gift that anyone has ever given me that day her report card came. When I saw it, I knew that my daughter could be successful in anything that she wanted to do. 

I'm proud to say that she has gone from D's on her report card, her EOG'S scores being 1's and low 2's, and even thinking of keeping her back a grade, to all A's and B's, with EOG scores all being high 3's. All of this, in such an incredibly short amount of time. Carson has also moved up from standard classes to standard plus. I know with the continued help from your center, she will be in honors classes before we know it. Thank-you, from the bottom of our hearts.