Lazar Learning Center has had a phenomenal impact on Caitlyn’s schoolwork. I like the fact the center has made her an independent student in that she can maintain her own school workload, and she knows she can do it. She came in struggling with the 4th grade writing curriculum, but since then has come out on top with improvements in all aspects of her academics.

Two aspects of Lazar that have been effective for us is that the Lazar Learning Center looks at the whole academic experience and struggles of each student. We came in with one issue, but Caitlyn has gained improvement in all areas of her academics. Another aspect that has been effective is that as each year has progressed, Caitlyn’s academic needs have changed. Lazar Learning has been able to adapt to what Caitlyn needs at that time.

The confidence she has gained in knowing that she can figure the work out herself has been immeasurable. I know that Caitlyn has a strong sense of what she can accomplish. Her confidence in herself has made all the difference, and Lazar is a big part of that success.