My daughter began tutoring at the Lazar Center the summer after her 3rd grade year. Her frustration level with school work was very high. It just didn't come easy. She seemed to work so hard and just could not get the results that she wanted. We thought with extra support in place that it may help her.

We had no idea at that time what the Lazar Center what mean for her. She began understanding the school work because she would already see the curriculum at the center before it was introduced in her class. Her confidence began growing and we began to see a different child. She became a child that loved school and no longer saw herself as 'not smart enough'.

We are now starting our 4th summer at the Lazar Center. My daughter is a straight "A" student, a member of NJHS and was just awarded the highest GPA award in math at her middle school for her team. Our family can't say enough about how much the Lazar Center has meant to us!