We started coming to the Lazar Center 2 years ago to prepare for EOGs and because tension mounted when we tried working through math problems at home. My daughter was doing ok in math but I didn’t think she thoroughly understood the concepts. I’ve learned that it takes her a little longer to process new concepts or ideas. She needs to work with them a bit longer before they start sinking in. Her teacher was helping afterschool but I didn’t feel like it was enough.

I heard about The Lazar Center from other moms in my neighborhood. Over the last 2 years, my daughter has benefitted from the review and work she does at Lazar that has been mainly dedicated to math. 

She has access to a well-qualified teacher or tutor right then to review her work or walk her through the problem. She’s even gotten A’s on her report card – something she hadn’t accomplished in math! She has maintained 4’s on her EOGs.

Personally I like the review sessions they do over the summer to prepare them for the coming year. Mrs. Lazar has been flexible on the content or focus of study, as we have incorporated some English or Language Arts work when needed. I like the way they work in small groups and with the same instructor so she knows how best to work with my daughter. Also during the spring, Mrs. Lazar worked within our limited availability due to participating in a school sport and cheered her on during the season. My daughter feels comfortable going there. It’s an inviting facility for the kids and even has snacks.

They keep up with her progress at school and help prepare her for tests. Going to The Lazar Center has built up my daughter’s confidence and skills in math. The Lazar Center is professional yet casual and approachable. Our experience has been very positive and I would recommend it for others seeking help for their kids in school. We feel like it has and is a wise investment in our daughter’s education and future.​