Allison came to Lazar as a child that was lacking in confidence in herself and felt she was not smart. She felt school was hard and was having difficulty completing her work and just being ok with herself and her work.​

We came to Lazar towards the end of the school year because I knew the owner Christina from being my middle daughter’s teacher. Ms. Lazar had helped improve my middle daughter so much I felt I wanted to give it a try with Allison.

Upon arriving there my daughter’s face lit up. The facility is so cozy and inviting and full of fun things to do. We began discussing the possibility of Ms. Lazar working with Allison for EOG practice and my daughter said,” can we start today Mom”.

It was then that I knew for sure this was the place to put her. Allison started the next week and that’s when we noticed the awesome changes in our daughter. She was so excited every time she got the chance to spend time learning and having fun with Ms. Lazar and her staff. She had so much to tell me about what all she got to do, from learning new strategies, to using the computer, picking out activities to support her area of need, and of course the awesome “loft” where she could relax with a good book and read!!! She blossomed into a child that was more confident and more excited about school. Learning was not such a challenge for her it was a joy. I give ALL the credit to Ms. Lazar and her staff for giving my child a new desire for learning and how to tackle head on things that may be a bit difficult.

Allison was so sad to finish at the end of the year and has hopes of going back to polish up on her skills before the new school year. I feel that this learning center is none like the rest. The staff all care about the children so much and it shows by their attitudes of positive, loving concern for each student!! They give positive but direct feedback both to the student and parent along with challenging the student. It has been an incredible experience here and I am grateful for how they have transformed my child giving her confidence to on whatever life brings her!!!

Lazar learning is the BEST. Thank you for your enthusiasm.