The Lazar Center is an award winning tutoring center created in 2007 by former classroom teacher, Christina Lazar. We provide a consistent, relevant and enthusiastic atmosphere students are excited and motivated to be a part of. Our teachers are highly involved with local CMS and private schools; allowing them to stay ahead of new curriculum and standards. Our parents have confidence knowing that our tutors are monitoring their child’s work, communicating with their classroom teacher, and providing the individual attention students need to reach their highest potential and succeed in the ever changing school environment.


  • Test Preparation - We focus on developing specific skills and strategies for successful test taking in all subject areas.

  • Specific Trouble Areas - Unlike tutoring centers that focus on one subject or one set of skills- we pay attention to the whole student, and adapt the curriculum as your child's needs change. We zero in on content areas as needed (math, science, social studies & language arts) while teaching students how to study and how to be organized.

  • Differentiated Learning Styles - Whether your child is an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner, The Lazar Center of Learning & Achievement will implement a strategy that results in success. LCLA also participates in IEP, PEP and 504 creation, planning and execution for each student.

  • Individualized Attention - We offer a level of personal attention that other tutoring centers cannot. The student-to-teacher ratio is determined by you; the parent. Private, semi-private and group sessions are available.